Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point is located in the Cayman Islands and while not only a great place to vacation, also energy aware. This installation is aprroximately 100 panels which power 10 individual condos.

Smith Residence

Solar panels don't always have to be installed on the roof of a home or business. In Malibu Canyon, the Smith family installed a ground mount system which is appoximately 50 panels.

Gross Residence

The Gross family wanted to go green while keeping a clean look on their home. By combining the exisiting composite shingle roof with a matching solar panel, All Solar was able to do just that.

Koonopakorn Residence

The picture to the left is once of our installations in San Bernadino, CA with a total of 18 solar panels.

Gentner and Company

Located in Seal Beach, CA, the Gentner and Company complex was looking to offset their electricty bill while helping the environment. The installation consited of Sharp panels.

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